Friday, November 03, 2006

Thoughts on Komikon 2006

Well it was almost two weeks after our Komikon 2006 event
but I can't still get rid my hang over on it.We have all the
same sentiments--it was a total BLAST!Indeed it created a ripple
not only here in the Philippine comic Industry but as well as
in the international community.Believe me, we are watched by
other countries.One thing Im proud to say, is that we as Democratic
Society showcased a Tsunami of Talents within ourselves.

For the past few days, I'd been busy browsing and reading some articles,
blogs, comments,reactions and news about the Komikon 2006.I smiled on it
and said, its a new HOPE for all of us who belong in this Industry.
A lot of positive Aura about this were being established.

However, I wanted to go deeper on the true significance of having a
Komik Convention here in the Philippines. I have observed that we
are all preoccupied on things and ignored some current issues that we
need to address accordingly.After Komikon, WHAT'S NEXT FOR US?

I am actually a newbie on this so called industry.But even a newbie like
me do have observations and critical analysis.It is all up to you whether
you believe on me or not.I just want to express and I don't intend
to dictate everyone.Who knows? This might be an Eye opener to all of Us.
Afterall, everyone is entitled or do have the right to give an opinion.

First and foremost, I salute the Artist's Den with the cooperation of
At The Drawing Board for organizing this much awaited event.As what I have said,
organizing and facilitating such event is not an easy task.It requires
a lot of effort.You guys, actually succeded in bringing together all the Komiks people
in one venue.This kind of event made us all become more acquainted with each other.
We became more aware that we are not alone and with one voice- we exist.It is
enough to bring more inspiration and make the industry more active once and for all.

On Being an Indie

You know guys, I love doing and supporting indie comics because Im an indie also.
Being an endie, means doing all the things we wanted the most as an artist
with out the prohibition or limitation for art sake.Being an independent.
I understand that.

We have witnessed lot of indies who managed to attend the convention.
And its is a true fact that we are increasing in numbers based on my research
on the internet.We are therefore existing!And is it a sign.A sign that we can
still become more and more until we reach to the point that we can attract the
attention of the public.

But the sad questions: Do we really understand what we are doing?
I have observed that we just do it because we love doing it.But never have
the idea on how to explain it? Do we really know the consequences on what we are
doing, might effect the next generation and the future of the industry?
Does we really mean it or we just do it for the sake of satisfying our own belief or
artistic ways?Or because we just want to express?I guess we are doing this simply
because we wanted to create.It is our natural tendency as an artist.If everyone ask you
about it, just say, it is I wanted to create that's why i went indie.I think
we need reasons first before we say that.Reasons and feelings are forces that drives
us to think and then create.It saddens me to hear some people do not understand
the aesthetic and importance behind what we are doing.If you are aware, don't you see
that until now, we can't still determine where we are going? Are we satisfied and contended
on what were doin now? Or we will just continue seeking for excellence?

"We are being branded as children who just wanted to spoil ourselves".I wanted to
break this notion and slap those people who said that. Because, they just don't understand.
They have just little knowledge on what we had been through.Will you accept that notion?
Or we'll do something about it? Let us show to them that what we create are not just a product of a childish persona but a result of a creative mind or even a potential genius.We tend to be deviant to the norms,coz we know how to innovate, we are the trendsitters.Ask them if
they can do it, they'll answer, "everyone can do that". Uh uh..I dont think so.

"Destructive Competition among us will eat us all and will lead us to nothing". Accept it or not we are competing during the convention of not just who will be the best but for the respect of the attention of others.This is an evident atmosphere that I observed during the event.We are not intact. I can see divisions/factions among artists with different styles varrying from cartooning, manga, western, realistic, painting etc.I can sense struggle between the traditionalist, modern and digital artists.WE NEED TO STOP INFLICTING DAMAGE TO EACH OTHER. If our aim is to revive the local comic scene, let us be united, set aside our differences, focus on what will be our contribution and support each other.It is high time, can't you see?I can also sense that there are other people who mocks the works of other, please don't do that. Art is unlimited and every artwork has an aesthetic value or its beauty can be interpreted in different ways.Let us respect each other or better shut up if we don't have a solid constructive criticism.It will not help.We will learn on the long run, we will become more active giving more life to the industry.Don't act as if you know everything.Humble down.Later on you will see, that what Im suggesting will help you a lot in becoming a more matured and responsible artist.Try to share your talent and only then you will find that it will later return in double with out you realizing it.

" Indie Comics cannot revive the local comic scene." HUH?! THEN WHO ELSE? The bankers? The nurses? The politicians? The preachers? I gravely disagree on this issue.We are all aware that the Past Comics Industry was already Six feet under.In the past years, many comic people attempted to revived, they succeded for sometime but eventualy failed.Because they lack support.We have no other choice but to accept the fact and move on.Indie creators are the product of this struggle and will remain a forefront in making comics still visible to the eyes of Filipino people.Philippine Publishers nowadays do not gave importance on comics instead they are busy doing lifestyles and special interests magazines specially glamour.We can see it everywhere on the bookstores.But despite of that, indies did not stop doing.That's why I admired creators, writers and artists who still proceeded.If we will eliminate the existence of indie people, are we sure about the future of the Industry?

Don't just stay as an indie. What I mean is stop being so over independent.Artists tend to become loners and usually branded as eccentric Try to socialize sometime.Gather suggestions and accept criticism from experts but do not compromize your own conviction.Learn from them but you do not need to be dictated.Join clubs or groups.Proposed your indie creations to publishers.If rejected, don't stop, adjust it and make it more better.Maybe something wrong or lacks with in it.Sometimes, we are blinded by ourselves and do not understand that it is already our ego at work.Get some advise, surf and chat with other artists on the internet.There are free web accounts there, post your artwork or create your gallery.Being an indie creator is a tough decision and a choice.

Lastly, don't stop creating!Don't tell me you'll just doing comics for the Komikon purpose only.That is wrong!Find more place to present your works.There are still kind stores that accepts indie comics.Do not lost Hope.Your perseverance and determination will be your key to success.Don't listen to unnescessary negative energies, just do what you think is right.But don't forget to put responsibility on it.There are zillions of beings in the world.And it means a zillions of chances for us also.In playing a game hundred times,I don't believed you can't get even 1 victory overthere.A mistake is a path to understanding what is right.Becoming you a master of your own field.

On the Philippine Comic Industry

How and when can we revive the industry?I think we are doing it right now. Supporting
each other.Now,that we still continue to know each other, different ideas were also shared
and creates new ideas that might help survived the Industry.

Komikon promises us a lot.It excites us.But until when? Komikon is just but a venue, the real struggle will be inside of us.Though I sound like the tagline used in the teaser of Spiderman 3, it is still quiet true.If we will try to check, our overexcitement might blind us to know the real state of the industry as of this moment. Komikon is just a firestarter, it is just up to us to continue the flame.I hope we will not end to "ningas kugon" again.I appreciate those creators who up to this moment never surrendered despite of the crisis.We know this people who strive hard, and let us follow them.

The style, language or the price is not the issue here.What is more important right now is that we must work on how to make comics accessible to the market and how can we make it a DEMAND again just like the old glory days.Now that we know that we have a lot of potentials-bring it on. We need to focus on that instead of checking the fault of each other.The law of Supply and demand can be applied here. If comicbooks are in- demand in the market again, all of its prices will go down because most of the publishers will compete on the pricing already.If we will always argument on what style or language we are going to use in creating a comics, we will again end up to nothing.Let us respect the prerogative of the creator.But once again, please try to check that comics is a medium and it can influence readers.Creating comics also accompanies responsibilty.Don't forget that.Language is also not a question since Philippines do have the diversity on dialects and English are also dominant here.For me, it does not affect the entire industry.The industry battles other forms of medium such as the internet, movies, etc..You see?That is more important right now.We ,must make the market aware that we are offering them a worthy medium for their consumption.

Originality is somewhat we need to gave priority also.I know all of us understand this term.If we can create a more and unique piece then you are a full matured artist.I don't mean to offend anybody but we as an artist must create and not copy.Yes, not all of us still on the process of exploring our artistic side.But hopefully, you can work it out.I know you can, you are an artist!

Komikon will marked in the rich history of our Philippine Comic Industry.And I know it inspired us all.It's a good sign. And this will serve a Challenge to all of us who loves doing comics.

There are still lot of questions that runs along my mind but this is enough for now.

Goodluck to all of us.

For the love of Filipino Comics,