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We are very sorry for not posting our updates for months. Our Server
here has blocked Bloggers and we left no choice but wait the time for its comeback.

Since blogger is now good to go again here, updates will be hopefully be done
weekly again. Updates will also includes local comic book reviews and other matters
celebrating our local Komiks Industry.

We would like to congratulate everyone for the successful release
of CJC komiks by Sterling las September 15, 2007. It will be another milestone
for all of us.

Hope to see you here in the weeks to come.

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This is but just a random thought, but I would like to share this to everyone.

If there's anything I could say why I love the Philippine Komiks Industry, I would always say BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO. I don't need to explain it coz it's an attachment that I cannot simply measure.If you love something, You will do anything for it. sEE? It's unconditional love no matter what. Free from boundaries.Deep inside attaching to our soul.

Yes. Blind as it is. But that's how I love. I see to it that it is more on heart and not more on thinking. Because if we think too much, we will always end up to what is ideal and may sometimes fall into
being unreal.

Yes. Love Hurts. But that is just a process.A process that will keep us more strong in our journey on what is call life.

Regardless, if it is done in different style, Western, Manga or Not; Glossy or newsprint, Black and White or Colored;Tabloid or 8.5 x 11 format; Distributed locally, nationwide, or International; published mainstream or indie; Horror, superhero,Fantasy, real life or Not. Komiks, Comics, Komix or Not. Tagalog or English. Wether it is sold out or not. As long as it is Done for our Filipino People, I don't care, I will still Love the Filipino Komiks Industry.

THE PHILIPPINE KOMIKS INDUSTRY DESERVES A CHANCE. If you hate it because there are companies and crews that threats each other as animals, then you must not hate the industry, you hate the people who does it. If you hate what is the current happenings on the industry because it does not meet the ideals, then you must hate the Events that transpired.and not the Industry.THE INDUSTRY IS BUT JUST A VICTIM on events that transpires on it and by
some people that surrounds it.Can you see it? IT SUFFERRED ENOUGH, IT DESERVES HEALING AND HELP FROM US.

BLAMING THE WHOLE INDUSTRY IS BUT JUST UNFAIR. There are so many people who cared and loved it more than we know.How about them? Do they deserve hate because they belong on this so called industry? Is this a time for blaming each other, now that our
Industry needs the enlightened people the most?

It all boils down to attitude problem and not on the Industry that deserves to grow.

If you think there is a problem on the industry , propose a solution. If you think you hate the industry so much, go out and find other industry coz that will be good for you and would surely distress you. Leave us and we will always find ways to make this industry alive on our own little ways. Who knows in the near future? That's just simple.

Expressing hate does not help anything, it just creates another mis- understanding and negative energies that will blocked us to grow and become mature.

The best thing we could do for now is we start on our own and do not just rely on this so called "revival" or "industry" that keeps us always into pressure.

Learn from the mistakes of the past and do our best not to make it happen again.

The Industry is US and will start again on us. Everything we do now will contribute a lot on the upcoming years to come.

Believe me, there is hope, it simply starts on us. It is not attainable right now but it will be. A new era of Philippine Komiks Industry has
arises even we still did'nt realize it for now.

With the awakening of the new generations of comics creators and enthusiasts, there is still a chance and a room for CHANGE.

We need more people who love doing Komiks.

_For the Love of Filipino Comics.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kongreso ng Komiks Photo Montage

Sorry for the late post..Here's a photo
Montage of the Komiks Congress held
last February 27, 2007.

This photos are taken by Azrael Colladilla,
KC Cordero, Mario Macalindong and Grace
Jodjoloman. Big Thanks Guys!

Check this out, maybe your here!^__^

For DA uploading:

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Brief Report on the 1st Philippine Komiks Congress

The 1st Philippine Komiks Congress has finally concluded yesterday, February 27, 2007 At NCCA Building , Leandro V. Locsin Auditorium ,Intramuros, Manila. And it got its first success—a creation of new awareness of an existing Komiks Industry in the past and in the present.

The event was considered now to be one of the biggest concerted effort staged by Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, National Commision for the Culture and Arts and Filipino Institute for Komiks Arts and sciences and by various supporting key personalities in the industry. It brings new hope to everyone.

As far as it was remembered, Komiks Congress was been conceptualized since before or early year 2000 but it was been finally realized yesterday after consecutive 5 official meetings held since last month to gather support. This is in hard effort of the KWF Commisioner Joe Lad Santos, KWF Chairman Ricardo Ma. Duran Nolasco and NCCA Exec. Director Cecille Guidote- Alvarez with the support of volunteers from the Komiks people itself.

The Komiks Art Exhibit was been formally opened before going to Komiks Congress proper. The opening was done by cutting of ribbon attended by several key personalities In the Philippines including PCSO Director Manuel Morato, PUP President Dante Guevarra, former Senator Heherson and other Big names in the Philippine scene that are so many to mention. Director Caparas together with his wife Ms. Donna Villa has arrived a few minutes after the cutting of ribbon and their presence made the Media people in frenzy. All of the attention to the art exhibit has halt due to the presence of one of the successful local Komiks writer and creator—Carlo Caparas.

The event was not just been attended by several people, it was also attended by many art students and Komiks fans and ethusiasts in the past and in the present who happened to get impressed on the Komik artworks that existed a long ago and even today. This is the real showcase of Filipino Talent. Coching, Redondo, and Alcala’s works are also being exhibited there.

The opening of Komiks Art Exhibit was supposed to beheld last February 22 but they made it clear that it was postponed in order for the organizers to invite more key personalities and prepare more on the said event.

After the opening, everyone who was there proceeded to the Auditorium to formally open the First Philippine Komiks Congress at around 11:30 in the morning. KWF Commissioner Joe Lad Santos patiently entertains the audience and made effort to create important opening messages benefiting the Komiks Industry. NCCA Exec. Dir. Cecille Guidote- Alvarez made inspiring messages that also opened the eyes of everyone inciting Komiks as one of the powerful force of Education and Heritage and should not be abandoned. Director Carlo J. Caparaz together with his wife Ms. Dona V has also made the audience smiled and neutralized the emotional nostalgic atmosphere of the opening of the congress. Carlo J. Caparaz also made promise to fully support Komiks since he never forget that he came from Komiks and now he wanted to return the favor to it by sponsoring a Komiks Contest with cash prizes amounting more than 200, 000- 300, 000 pesos.

The ATLAS Publication Presence

The most intriguing part is the presence of Deo Alvares,, the general manager of Atlas Publication made speech upstage and made important messages. Atlas is the biggest and the only publication of the Philippine Comics Industry and everyone never forgot it.
Deo Alavarez has ironically considered himself as the “villain” of the Kongress since The Fall of Atlas Publication, it also temporarily put the Komiks Industry into halt for almost more than a decade. He explained the business side of Philippine Komiks and
its downfall. He enumerated some of the biggest factors why the Philippine Komiks
has declined:

1.ALL OUT WAR ON MNLF IN MINDANAO. It has declined the 30% of its Sales and gross profit during the all out war against the insurgents called Muslim National Liberation Front in the Mindanao region.
30% of its Sales and Gross Profit in which they still having problem
From recovery in Mindanao.

Deo Alvares has also made a brave decision to appear in the congress even on the wake of Atlas Controversy and he said ATLAS do their best and made several attempts but it failed eventually due to its lack of capacity to compete against the rise of new multimedia and globalization. He was also happy to see people from komiks and he still has the love for it that’s why he showed.

Philippine Komiks History, The Present and The Future

Randy Valiente, presented a much a larger history of Philippine Komiks Industry in a power point presentation and discussion. Randy’s presentation was been highly researched and it showed a clearer idea on what is komiks in the past and in the present and challenged the people who attended on handling its future.He cited how the Philippine Komiks Industry started and even stated that Jose Rizal, the National Hero was the first Komiks Cartoonist. He tried very beautiful reviews on how Coching has started a new artform in komiks that later made Redondo, Alcala, Alex Nino and the other Filipino Komiks Artist to arise on the scene. He pointed out the Filipino Komiks Artists Invasion in 1970’s that marked a global phenomenon before the Manga Equation. And he is also more visionary that there is a possible next wave of Invasion of Komiks Artists from the Philippines in a global scale due to the success of the present generation of Artists who made it in the US Comics Top Titles from giant companies such as DC and Marvel. He also emphasize that there is independent publishers and creators unknown to majority that existed after the fall of a Monopolized Komiks Industry. But unlike from the past, the present generation did not made it into a mass based consumption due to its limitation of scope specially on distribution. And this “indies” are growing in numbers and some of them developed a higher aspect of Komiks---the Graphic Novels. The same thing of that is happening in the US Comics Industry---they have now their so called “Rise of Grpahic Novels”. However, according to Randy , if we will look back at the rich history Of the Philippine Komiks, we are the first on the Graphic Novels if we try to compile all those “serialized novels.” And we are about to realized it. Randy has also cited some problems that occurred triggering the downfall of the Komiks Industry and some of them were being mentioned by Deo Alvares, the Atlas General Manager. He also pointed out A “gap” between this two generations and the only way to bridge it is by listening to each other’s need. He also pointed that before the Komiks Congress there were Internet effort in bringing back the awareness of some new generations about the history of Komiks, this includes the [link], The Philippine Komiks Board, [link] [link] PILIPINO Komiks Blogspot, and so many others. Randy Valiente together with Mario Macalindong and John Becaro were the representatives of a younger generations of Komiks Artists and Creators that also participated on the Komiks Exhibit.

The Forum

The Forum has started at around almost 3:00 p.m and has ended past 5:00 p.m…It was patterned from a traditional semi parliamentary form where everyone can standup, speak and question the member of panels and even everyone. Sad to say, the forum has started late and it ended in a very short time. A lot of questions were being raised including the participation of the publishers and the government. Few audiences have participated due to the shortage of time and it was cut off because NCCA is simply until 5:00 pm because it’s a government establishment. The audience made some very good questions and points while the panelist tried to answered it in an objective manner with an appeal to everyone to UNITE in the end. The panelists includes KWF Comissioner Joe Lad Santos, Exec. Dir. Cecille Guidote- Alvarez, Carlo Capraz and wife Donna Villa.

On Carlo Caparas, Politics and Komiks Congress

Aside from being one of the sponsors, Carlo is a prime factor in this advancement of public awareness due to it celebrity status that can bring the interest of media. His arrival has ended in TV News just last night and probably in Newspapers today. He has made hundreds of komiks novels already and shifted on becoming a well- known Film Director. Most of his works includes Panday that was being aired sometimes last 2005 in ABS CBN and Bakekang in GMA Network last year 2006. ATTENTION is what we need in bringing back the interest of the Filipino people on Komiks---and Carlo Capras can hit it in the media in very fast moments.

We smell the upcoming elections and it is inevitable at this very moment specially that this Komiks Congress has also got the attention of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.The proof of that will be concluded today, February 28, 2007 because the present Philippine President will honor Carlo Caparas, Coching, Alcala, Ravelo and many others in their achievement in Komiks as part of the celebration of the Arts Month. This move was the first time that Komiks was being recognized by a Philippine government and its
very positive since it is the duty of the government to recognized Komiks as one of the
most powerful tool that help spread the national language, art and heritage . This maybe naturally touched by politics but it is just but one of the key factor that the Komiks Industry needed today because it will be part of the government and Komiks can demand support on that. Again, Komiks needs attention and support until it can walk in its own feet again.

Komiks Congress is but just one of the move that Komiks needed the most today…but it does not just starts or ends continue to us…to all of us, the Congress is but just one component and Historians will tell that someday. Though it may not be perfect due to some technical operation problems, still it has a big contribution in bringing back our own attention on our local Komiks industry.

On Faith Cuneta and Film Industry
Faith Cuneta was one among the most competitive singer/performer from our country, she honored all of us who attended because she sang the Philippine National Song. She also rendered a very beautiful song she dedicated to everyone. Her presence only shows
That she supports any Filipino endeavor. And NCCA will also conduct a similar congress
of film called Film summit tackling the issues concerning the local Industry. In this way,
NCCA will try to bridge the partnership of Komiks and Film. And this means another positive move for the Komiks industry.

Side Comments

In the case of my Komikero friend—Jonas Diego, the Congress needs focus on addressing certain issues by providing more and quality time to forum and deliberation the next time it will be conducted. He , together with some others were not given the chance, considering the fact that they attended because they wanted to share their important ideas. The first Congress overlooked some factors and only give more time on the past events instead of giving a more specific actions that we needed the most. Also, it is understandable that the effect of the Congress cannot be felt right now; it can be felt as good as in 3-5 years after. By giving more time, we can open more ideas beneficial to the Komiks Industry. We need Actions, enough on the past, lets concentrate on the present and the future. Let’s all face the challenge altogether.

More representation from the Present generation will spark the bigger support from the them which is essential in the trancession of Komiks Legacy and to show
The open arms of Komiks Congress to everyone.We could not just ignore them.

There are LOT of other artists who was not able to participate in the Komiks Exhibit.

The finalization of a Body/ Association that will definitely lead and sustain the Komiks Congress to its operations. A more definite action plans is what we need the most.

If most them cannot be delivered by this Congress, we will only got problems.

On Perseverance

One thing I can feel on KWF Joe Lad Santos is his patient and determination. The Komiks Congress cannot be simply realized with out him showing this perseverance in pushing this event to his government colleagues. If I cannot sense this, I would probably left him hanging. But how can you leave a man who showed these beautiful values to you? They need support and I feel his craving for it. When I was attending the early meetings, I felt their love on this medium, and how come I will not support it if we have the same feeling? We must remember that during the time of the Roces or the Monopolized Komiks Industry, we still didn’t have Komiks people in high strategic positions such as the case of this Commissioner on National Filipino Language that fortunately came from Komiks. It’s but just a big factor if Komiks got a good representation in our government and this is the time for them to show their love for this medium.

A New Era of Hope for Philippine Komiks

This event has a possibility to result into a new era of hope for Philippine Komiks Industry since it opened a new opportunity to all of us who involves in Komiks. It gathered new interest due to a fact that the government has tried to help this hibernating industry. Much more positive to all of us is that this opened a new windows For a new creative developments and bridge a gap that has blocked all of us to move on.

Mabuhay Tayo Lahing Pilipino.

Friday, February 23, 2007



Greetings to everyone!!!

Upcoming Komiks Congress was being set on February 27, 2007 with the primary objective on reviving the Komiks Industry in a national scale once again.

I strongly believe that it is through UNITY and Cooperation , We will Make a Difference. It is in the sense of being a Filipino.

In view herewith , that I am calling all the participation of Filipino Komiks Artists that was involved in the Komiks making whether in Local and international scene.

I am also requesting for submissions of your Indie Komiks, collected Filipino Komiks (whether today or in the past). and artworks that truly signifies a Filipino Komiks Artistry and Pride . This will be displayed on tables during the Congress And we are very sorry to inform everyone that it cannot be sold to avoid unnecessary competition between the creators and artists. I am talking about ALL FILIPINO WORKS REGARDLESS OF STYLE AND LANGUAGE ( although we prefer more on Filipino since it will be held in NCCA). Komiks Congres is purely exhibition , gathering and deliberation

Komiks Congress will not be successful if there is no complete participation from all of us since vWE ARE THE CONGRESS and not by a few. This is our chance to show our solid support on our beloved Industry. And to show them that the present generation is passionate about this drive. This is for all of us. This is an opportunity for all of us to SPEAK.

I will be in- charge in collecting all of this and it’s a great risk but it is what we need to be done. I feel that this is the right thing to do.

Furthermore, I would like to extend my apology on this rush announcement since I need to consult first on the authorities of this Congress before proceeding. And this is understandable since KWF and NCCA really lacks the awareness on what are the real events that took place.

I will be at SM Megamall , Foodcourt beside the iceskate area to receive your submissions this coming SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2007 at around 9:00- 12:00 in the morning only and I will be proceeding to NCCA after lunch to catch the TV interview and coverage about this event.

Pinapayuhan ko rin po ang lahat na was mag sumite ng mga mamahaling gawa o originals kasi ako ang kawawa sakaling mawala.Malaki ang pananagutan ko nyan sa inyo and mahirap lang po ako.Wawa naman ako pag ihabla nyo ako. Saka baka deretcho na dadalhin ang lahat ng mga sinubmit nyo sa iba ibang unibersidad at lugar sa Pilipinas.

Sa mga gusto pa magsubmit ng artworks, kung maari po iframe o kahit imount nyo na ito sa illustration boards at kung maari po pag nagsubmit kayo ng komiks ninyo, wag po yong mamahalin nyo na kopya.Lahat po ng isusumite ay may nakalista po dapat na pangalan at kunting description. Isa lang po ang maaring tanggapin sa artworks, sa komiks po kahit ilan pwede ipadala.

I will wait for you all sa Megamall sa umaga nitong Sunday.. And this is also a risk but I will be giving you my personal no. to contact me : 09106230919. Remember hanggang 12 noon lang ako doon. Or contact me on this email; I will be online this Saturday evening only to receive all your reactions.

Those who would like to volunteer to assist me just text me anytime. Please put your name once you send a text message to me.

Please send this to all your friends and spread the good news!Pakipost na rin sa iba nyo pang webpages kung maari.

Thanks and Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


John Becaro

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carlo Caparas and Komiks Congress

I happened to bought a tabloid this morning (February 23, 2007)
in Pineda when I woke up early in the morning to buy some breakfast.

And it seems I bought a tabloid featuring Carlo Caparas and
the Komiks Congress:(click the image for larger and readable version)

This might get your interest :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Dismayado ako sa araw na ito dahil sa paulit ulit na pag babago sa schedule ng Congress.

Seryoso ang suporta na binibigay ko sa adhikain na ito ngunit ang patuloy na hindi siguradong sistema dito ay nakasalalay rin ang pangalan ko.

Pag ang February 27 ay inatras pa, hindi na ako susuporta sa Congress na ito dahil sa kawalan na ng tiwala. At hindi na ako natutuwa.

Pero nais ko sabihin sa lahat na hindi pa naman huli ang lahat. Mag oobserba na lang uli ako kung ano pa ang mga mangyayari,

Ang pagdesisyon na ikansela ng seremonyas ngayong araw ay isang pagkakamali na bigyan ng pansin ng KWF at NCCA.

Hindi ko pa sila ngayon masisisi dahil di ko alam ang kanilang dahilan at ang proseso ng pagkansela.

Urong Sulong Urong Sulong..paano tayo makakatuloy sa paroonan?

Nais ko rin po magpaumanhin sa lahat ng bumibisita dito at bumabasa ng mga artikulo ko ukol sa Komiks Congress.

Hinihiling ko ngayon ang kunting pasensiya at hinahon sa lahat habang nasa kritikal pa na kondisyon ang ating industriya.

Matagal ko ng gustong sabihin sa lahat ito ngunit tinitingnan ko muna ang bawat anggulo ng bawat sasabihin ko. Saksi po ako sa
nangyayari sa ngayon at di ko po ito pwede ipagpawalang bahala.

Magandang araw sa lahat at sana i divert na lang muna natin lahat ng atensiyon natin para malimutan ito.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I’d been to the 5th official meeting about the Komiks and Exhibit last night held in Max’xs Restaurant, Quezon Avenue at around 8:00 pm led by KWF Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino) Commisioner Joe Lad Santos.

There are minor changes in schedules and this is OFFICIAL:

The meeting formally announced the official guidelines of a Komiks Writing/Making Contest sponsored by Carlo J Caparas., he will give a total 150,000 for the prizes and consolations. And this is also to be publicly announced during the Komiks Congress. It will be open for everyone regardless what style.

The 5th meeting was attended by several Great Artists writers, and personalities in the Philippine Komiks industry. A preview of what will happen to Komiks Congress has transpired on the meeting . All of the attendees has expressed their concerns and love on Filipino Komiks.

There is also a serious effort from the part of Komisyon on Wikang Filipino and National Commission for Culture and the Arts to make this advocacy a national interest and one of its action plan is to conduct series of Komiks Exhibits across the Philippine archipelago to have a nation wide effect. The said plan was realize because of the big role of komiks in promoting the National Philippine Language which is Filipino.

The Komiks Exhibit and Komiks Congress is inviting all Filipino people who loves Philippine Komiks , especially the youth sector. The Congress is our time to express our concerns on our beloved industry, come and join with us…!!!

Below are some images taken during the 5th meeting:

List of Participating Artists of Komiks Exhibit on February 22:

Komiks Congress Posters (not really officials but supporting visuals):

Above image: is not a final poster
lay out done by Randy Valiente

Above image: is a poster done by myketurda,
a great Komiks Illustrator and a member of the
of the Philippine Komiks Message Board
this will be eventually be used as a support visual aids
for the Congress.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


When Komiks Congress was being formally announced via internet and other methods—it has garnered overwhelming support from the Komiks Community already.This is the primary reason why it was being postponed on its original target date and set more time to entertain farther preparation.

While the Congress was being prepared, a Komiks Art Exhibit was being conducted As a previ

ew for a much bigger Komiks event—the Komiks Congress (Kongreso ng Komiks). The said Art Exhibit will be formally opened this February 22, 2:00 pm at National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) building, located along General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila.. But it will still l be open for public viewing starting today.

It will feature artworks and artists that made contributions during the time of The Glory of Philippine Comics. And its objective is to promote our local Philippine Komiks Industry once and for all. The list of artists who participate during this Exhibit are as follows:

Yes. There’s truly a Filipino Style in comics and this exhibit will prove that. Filipino comics works seems to have a strong similar features that it can be simply associated as a group style. Looking at the artworks will simply warped you back when the times Komiks in the Philippines were everywhere and were published every other day.

Younger generations of artists were encourage to witness this Komiks Art Exhibit and experienced the mastery of our own Filipino Komiks Artists..Surely, you’ll be amazed on how Filipino Artists manage to create well- crafted and superb Komiks Illustrations.

The artworks are proof that our nation has its own rich history of Komiks that was been part of Filipino Culture that we could not simply ignore. You can see artworks here that also made impact on the global scheme. From the mastery of anatomy, prelude to animation, cartooning, brushstrokes, inks, pencils, and many others—all of this can be seen on this diversified Komiks Art Exhibit.

The Exhibit is but just a preview, the Komiks Congress is something we should also wait for, because it will include more artists and artworks . Things will never be the same if we could make the Komiks Congress a successful event.

“Before us, there were them”…. watch the artworks personally and you will drop your jaw down your feet.

Below are some images taken during the installation of the artworks before the actual formal opening of the art exhibit...please bear with the low resolution images, sorry for the inconvenience- technical error has occurred in the digicam during the shots...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Repost from Randy Valiente's Blog

This is a repost from Randy Valiente's Blog:

Photos taken by Grace Jodloman


Tuloy na sa February 16 ang exhibit ng mga komiks artists sa National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Intramuros, Manila. Baka mauna ito sa Komiks Kongress. Gusto mang isama lahat ng artists ng komiks pero gahol na sa oras, kaya nakasentro na lang ito sa mga beterano. Well, makakasama din ako (kahit hindi ako beterano hahaha).

After ng meeting kagabi sa Max’s Quezon Ave. ng mga tagakomiks (kasama sina Carlo Caparas, Loren Banag, Joelad Santos, etc.), tiningnan ko ang mga artworks na kasama sa exhibit. Halos mapamura ako sa ganda ng illustrations. Sa loob-loob ko, bakit hindi ko ito inabot noong active pa ako sa GASI. Parang dito na ibinuhos ng mga beteranong artists ang ilang taon din nilang pamamahinga sa paggawa ng komiks.

Tingin ko ay talagang nasabik sila ng husto kaya itinodo na nila ang powers nila dito. Bigyan ko kayo ng idea kung ano ang makikita ninyo sa exhibit. Original pages ng Ramir ni Jess Jodloman, at inamin ni Carlo Caparas na si Jodloman ang idol niya kesa kina Coching at Redondo. Mga unpublished works ni Mar Santana, Nestor Malgapo. Napa-wow din ako nang makita ang painting ni Jun de Felipe lalo na ang illustrations ni Ernie Patricio. Sabi ko sa isip, Shit! Ito ang katibayan na iba talaga ang mga beterano kesa sa mga batang katulad ko. Marami pa akong kakaining bigas. At naisip ko rin na hindi sapat na nakakagawa lang ako ng komiks sa ibang bansa. Doon ko naintindihan na ang artist ay makikita mo…sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa (parang Panatang Makabayan).

Hindi ko pa ipinasa ang artworks ko at balak kong dalhin na lang kapag ikakabit na ito sa NCCA. Farout kasi ang concept ko, baka biglang I-reject ni Nestor Malgapo hahaha. Seriously, medyo surreal ang artworks ko na kasama sa exhibit. Sabi nga ni Ernie Patricio, “Paminsan-minsan, I-explore mo ang sarili mo. Hindi lang ‘yung art o ‘yung style mo. Yung ikaw mismo as an artist.”

Kaya kung may makita kayong ‘baliw’ at ‘bastos’ na artwork doon sa exhibit, akin ‘yun.

Ito ang mga titles ng dalawang entry ko sa exhibit:

Monday, February 05, 2007


Emotional Meeting prospered about the Komiks Congress led by
Commissioner Joe Lad Santos last February 3, 2007 held in Maxs
Restaurant at QUEZON CIRCLE, Diliman , Q.C around 3:30 pm.

This is the third formal meeting about the upcoming Komiks Congress
and a lot of developments happened already.Some Concrete activities,and
projects were being lined up.

The developments made the Commission to decide the Komiks Congress to postpone February 15- 16 and move it to last week of February in order to gave way for a more organized preparation,give ample time to the participants on the exhibits and contests and to campaign more for public awareness.

Compared to the past meetings, there were more than 30 key personalities that came from the various institutions including the former pioneers of the Komiks Industry. Attendees were: Ofelia Concepcion, Josie Aventurado,Mike & Liza Tan, Nicky Astronomo, Glady Gimena, Beth Lucion Rivera, Karl Comendador,Joemari Moncal, Al Cabral, Ding Abubot, Nar Castro, Joe Hilario,Jun Malonzo, Orly Aquino,Andy Beltran, Rod Santiago, John Becaro, Mario Macalindog, Randy Valiente,Gener Pedrina,Orvy Jundis,Dr. Berosil of NCCA,(Mr. Efren Montano of Malacanang Press and Peoples Journal) and other key names.

The Carlo J. Caparas Komiks Creation Contest were also finalized. Participants may submit a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 pages whether in writing or with a complete drawing/illustrations already.."Filipino Language" was being stress as the language to be use in the entries.Further official details will be announce later

The Art Exhibit was also been discussed. It will be open to all Filipino Komiks Artists in the country. This is an open theme with the emphasis on the sense of "Filipino Touch" on it. There is much to be debated to this "theme" but it is obvious to all of us what is a "Filipino Touch or Style".For details You can contact Nar Castro:0928-390-3316. The deadline of Submissions will be on February 9, 2007. You can also send your exhibit entries in this address (if you think you are very far from Metro Manila)

Leonardo "Nar" Castro
#14 Int. L.R.Yangco St.
Navotas East, Navotas

The anticipated projects and the long term action after the Komiks Congress were also announced and this are the following: The opening of the two offices for Komiks in Valenzuela and Quezon City, upcoming Komiks contests with big prizes, publishing the entries of the Komiks Contest during the Komiks Congress and a whole lot more.

The Komiks Congress was also been PARTIALLY change to "KOMIKS KONGRES" since it will particularly aim to promote our own Filipino Language in our Country. The term "Komiks" will be also destined to be define clearly during the KOMIKS KONGRESS since it already garnered the desciption that entails "an Illustrated Theater".official annnouncements will still be made available in the next days.

After some discussions on the agenda, Commissioner Joe Lad Santos started an informal open forum for all of us to express our views and opinions. It was a total sentimental and emotional open forum. All of the attendees expressed deep and strong love on our Filipino Komiks.And they were overjoyed by the news that there were a move to bring back the Komiks Industry.

Independent (indie) Komiks were mentioned by Ofelia Conception and was been backed up by Randy Valiente, John Becaro, Gener Pedrina, Mario Macalindog and Mike Tan's son.Everyone was been informed that "Indie Comics" has existed when the "Mainstream Komiks Industry" was stagnant and asleep. Modern Komiks Illustrators, writer, publishers was also been tressed.But with muchsurprise, everyone was outspoken when Orvy Jundis presented a much more clearer issues regarding the Komiks Artists/ Creators in the Global Scene and how he is very much happy on the present movement. Orvy stressed a statement that inspired most of us in the meeting : " With all the energy here among us, we can create a much more powerful thing to bring back the local komiks industry and its future". Mike Tan has also stressed out that: "Komiks has not died--it was just sick and was being abandoned.Let us all help it heal and look for its proper medication. "Kailangan rin isipin na sa pagbangon nito, ay meron nag bagong panahon na kailangan na rin nyang sabayan para hindi tuluyang mawala." Rod Santiago ( was also there to expressed gratefulness and support. There are lot of inspiring and excellent sentiments including: "Sana ang Komiks ay di na lang natin mababasa sa mga Museum at sa mga libro ng kasaysayan,Kundi sana patuloy natin itong makita at mabasa sa ating msimong mga palad maging sa mga susunod na henerasyon".

The Core Group of the Komiks Congress will eventually discussed the finalization and the mobilization of the event this coming Wednesday, February 7, 2007.


Komiks Congress is another high effort to test the challenge of time to the Philippine Komiks
Industry, bringing high hope to its "total revival".

Tulungan po natin.And manatili po tayong nakaantabay sa mga susnod na official na announcements.

Below are the photo coverage of the meeting attended by various key personalities
in Philippine Komiks Industry :