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The announcement of a Komiks Congress has already made
A wide awareness in the Komiks community as of this
writing.And almost everyone seems to positively support it while
Some of us questions it.

Whether what will be our conviction, the main objectives of the
Komiks Congress is to promote The Filipino Language and the
Komiks itself in the Philippines once again.

The said Congress is a joint activity by Komisyon ng Wikang Pilipino
at National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
The Congress is now shaping up and already drafted some intial
Activities that will include a Komiks Contest sponsored
By Carlo J. Caparas that has Php50, 000.00, 30, 000.00 and Php20, 000
prices at stake respectively. And there is also a corresponding
Art Exhibit during the Congress entitled: ISANG SIGLO NG KOMIKS
Eksibit at Pagpapakita ng mga Dibuho sa Komiks. which will be held
on February 14-20, 2007 at the National Commission for
Culture and the Arts (NCCA) building.

Various meetings, plannings and organizing are still on its way and
Komiks Congress really needs our support now.Official announcement of
competitions and activities will be posted soon.

above image is an article from Pilipino
Reporter Magazine about the Upcoming Komiks
Congress last Jan 23, 2007.

above image: informal meetings by
Commisioner Joelad Santos (in white polo barong),
Nar Castro, Secretary of Joelad, Nestor Malgapo,
Vic Poblete, Rey Atalia, (standing) Mario Macalindong and Randy Valiente.

images courtesy of Randy Valiente :

An interview last year from Director Carlo Caparas in which he mentioned about Komiks Congress:

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What is Komiks Congress?

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Monday, January 22, 2007


Joe Lad Santos, our Commissioner on National Commission
for the Filipino Language (Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino)
had recently announced its plan to sponsor a
Komiks Congress in a gathering held last January 21, 2006
in Loren Banag's Place, Valenzuela City .

The said Congress will tentatively be set on February 16, 2006
and the venue is still on the process. This will showcase an
Art Exhibits featuring the masterpieces of the great Komiks
Illustrators of 1960's up to present. Various activities and
competitions are being lined up also. Its primary objective is to
promote an awareness in the past Glory of the Philippine
Komiks Industry and to create new actions to refresh it and be
able to campaign for public acceptance once again.

In the process, the Congress will also identify some
selected persons to carry out projects benefiting the
welfare of the Komiks Industry and its people.

The event will be a little bit of similar to Komikon that was
held in two consecutive years but with the focus on the
past Komiks Industry and with the attempt to merge it
in the the present generation of Komiks Industry.This time
the past generations are already bigger in numbers when
it comes ton public appearances participation.

The Commissioner has a great concern from the Komiks Industry
in which he came from. It was been remembered that he was also
a long time and active Editor of Various Philippine Publications
before he became a commissioner. However, he also expressed deep
concern about the present status of Komiks and was disappointed
because some of his colleagues has considered Komiks as a dead
medium in the Philippines already. He wanted to prove it wrong.
And good thing, he had said that the Commission listed Komiks as the
No. 1 medium that promotes Filipino Language. Radio Broadcast and
TV is only next to it. He also reiterated that it was high time
that Komiks be given an utmost attention.

The gathering was attended by several personalities in the
Komiks Industry. They were able to come up a simple discussion
and informal forum with the Commissioner. And the Commissioner
humbly answered some pressing issues including the political
motives on the said event since it will have a participation
from the government.

Carlo J. Caparas, one of the most successful and celebrated
person and creator of the Komiks Industry has also expressed
his full support and views on the said event. This was a
message relayed by the commissioner during the gathering.

Yours Truly, only wishes its success and hoping that the event
will not be used as a props for politicians for some of their
political agenda (remember that the campaign period is coming).
Komiks Congress needs our full support especially by the present
generation today. If this could help promote the industry, then
let us make our way in giving an attention to this event. Let us
remember, the people involved were considered already as our
pioneers in our Komiks History. It will only be a sad moment
to ignore them and do not recognized how Komiks came to be before us.


above images: Joe Lad Santos proposes
Komiks Congress
among the attendees
and discuss the scope of it.

Above Images:Attendees busy listening during the
informal open forum.

above image: Nestor Malgapo (in red shirt)
and Abe Ocampo (in pink shirt)
carefully listens.

above image: Randy Valiente (In blue collar shirt)
and Gener Pedrina (In black shirt) plots questions
for the informal open forum with the Commisioner.

above image: Lawrence Mijares (In violet polo shirt)
and Marboy (in white polo) also lend their
ears on the speakers in front.

above image: KC Cordero (the brain behind
Filipino Komiks and an Editor of the
Buzz Magazine) makes his wacky pose
on the camera for the first time!

KC:" We want you..Yes...You! Support the Industry!"

above image: Yours truly talked
with the Commisioner about the
Upcoming KomiKs Congress.
image courtesy of : Marboy

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tony DeZuñiga's Superheroes

Tony DeZuñiga's Opening of Art Exhibit entitled "Superheroes" was
a phenomenal success.Numerous personalities from the Art and Comics
Community has attended and was spotted during the said
event. It is indeed a night of art, fellowship and with a solemn background
music!Filipino atmosphere can truly be felt during that night.And his
appearance in his exhibit was been the most significant during the
opening.This was held in Crucible Gallery, 4th Floor, SM Megamall,
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila last January 16, 2007.

It was been best noted that Tony DeZuniga was the first Filipino
Artist who made it in the US Comics Mainstream. According to
Randy Valiente (a Komiks historian, artist, creator and writer),
Tony was Considered to be the Father of Filipino Artists Invasion
in the US comics.Tony started in the Philipine Komiks Industry
at the age of around 16 as a letterer.Alfredo Alcala and
Nestor Redondo was among his mentors.At around 1960's
that he went to New York for schooling and then went back to the Philippines
to do some Advertising related works as a Creative Director.But due to his
passion in drawing Comics, he went back to US and made an appointed
to Orlando Bloom, one of the editors of DC Comics.Jonah Hex, a western
anti-hero character, was his first ongoing series in collaboration with the writer
John Albano.When DC had a problem on fiscal matters, they have no other
choice but to adjust their budgetting including the reprinting of their back
issues and problems on the increasing fee of an American Artist's professional
fee.In 1972, it was Tony who introduced the Filipino artists and their works in
DC Comics and Marvel Comics.It was then the start of the so called "Filipino
Artists Invasion".Tony was also the first Filipino artists to work on
Marvel's popular comics title: X-Men.

His works can be best described in his mastery on Illustrating human
anatomy, pen and brush strokes, beautiful women,detailed and strong
realistic approach. He is also a very versatile artist. He does not just
concentrate in one medium because it looks he wanted to explore
time to time--ranging from, pencils, charcoals, watercolors, pastels.
colored pencil to oil painting.

His achievements as of today is still dominant and will marked in the Philippine
Art History. He truly inspires fellow artists and had broken the barrier between
Comic Artists and Illustrators including painters in the local art scene.

Today, Tony spend more time in painting and was still doing professional
works as a concept designer for Sega Game Systems in the United states..
We can also conclude that he is one of the most successful Filipino Comic
Artist and our living inspiration.A Truly World Class Filipino Artist indeed.

We salute you Sir. You are a superhero in real life.

above photo: Tony DeZuniga (with shades, black shirt
and holding a pen) Was busy signing
of his printed books of Masterpieces.

above photo: Edgar Tadeo ( The Innocents)
and Gerry Alanguilan (Superman Birthright and Elmer)

talks tough.

above photo: KC Cordero ( A veteran Editor and
founder of Filipino Comics) and Randy Valiente
( Diosa Hubadera and Guardian Empires)

enjoys watching people passing by the exhibit.

above photo:
Gener Pedrina ( in black shirt/
Sanduguan Creator) enjoys the meal during the
opening of the Exhibit.

above photo: Azrael Colladilla( a proffesional events
was busy chatting with the owner of
one of the prestigious
comics bookstore in the country.

above photo:
Marboy (in blue shirt, the
famous moderator
in Philippine Komiks Message Boards)
was tantalized
on the works of Tony DeZuniga in
The Crucible Gallery.

above image: One of the Books
being sold in the exhibit
showcases the masterpieces of
Tony DeZuniga
(image courtesy of

above image: one of the recent oil paintings
of Tony Dezuniga found in
the exhibit gallery.
image courtesy of :
Gerry Alanguilan

above images: other artworks that can
be found in the gallery

image courtesy of: Randy Valiente

Full Video Coverage can be found here
specially made by
Gerry Alanguilan :

below images: Some of his early works in comics
( Left: MoonKnight of Marvel Comics
and Right:
Philippine Local Komiks)
images courtesy of:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Courtesy of


Tony DeZuniga Art Exhibit

Crucible Gallery
4th Floor, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Exhibit Opening: 6:00 PM, January 16, 2007

Informations about Tony DeZuniga can best viewed on this sites: