Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thanks for visiting on this blogsite that celebrates Filipino Comics and the people involve on it. It's been inactive for almost more than 1 month to give ample time on the last article. This will be back on its regular features and updates by next week . I will be posting some articles based on the book provided by Mr. Gerry Alanguilan himself: Comic Book Artist Issue no. 4: The fearless stylings of Alex NiƱo that also includes an Article about The Invasion of Filipino Artists.:

Meanwhile, while Christmas and New Year is Fast Approaching, we would like to greet everyone Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!.

Keep tuning in since we will provide you some articles that celebrates Filipino Komiks. As well,as we will feature Artist of The Month, Featured Blogsites and Websites, some interviews on the Industry and Philippine Comics Reviews. 2007 will be a new exciting year for this blogsite.

Anyone who would like to contribute on this blog or share some Articles that you think would be beneficial for Philippine Comics Industry please feel free to email: or notify us here. We would be glad to welcome your comments and suggestions.

For The Love of Filipino Comics

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azrael said...

this piece is a must have
must read magazine.

very inspirational.
eps. the alcala article and interview!!!!



Thanks for the visit

Then I'll be posting it here soon. So that Everyone could read this important Articles
in our Philippine Comics Industry.

Yeah.This is very Inspirational indeed! I'll just need to retype or scan some of the pages and will post it here soon.^__^