Sunday, February 18, 2007


When Komiks Congress was being formally announced via internet and other methods—it has garnered overwhelming support from the Komiks Community already.This is the primary reason why it was being postponed on its original target date and set more time to entertain farther preparation.

While the Congress was being prepared, a Komiks Art Exhibit was being conducted As a previ

ew for a much bigger Komiks event—the Komiks Congress (Kongreso ng Komiks). The said Art Exhibit will be formally opened this February 22, 2:00 pm at National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) building, located along General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila.. But it will still l be open for public viewing starting today.

It will feature artworks and artists that made contributions during the time of The Glory of Philippine Comics. And its objective is to promote our local Philippine Komiks Industry once and for all. The list of artists who participate during this Exhibit are as follows:

Yes. There’s truly a Filipino Style in comics and this exhibit will prove that. Filipino comics works seems to have a strong similar features that it can be simply associated as a group style. Looking at the artworks will simply warped you back when the times Komiks in the Philippines were everywhere and were published every other day.

Younger generations of artists were encourage to witness this Komiks Art Exhibit and experienced the mastery of our own Filipino Komiks Artists..Surely, you’ll be amazed on how Filipino Artists manage to create well- crafted and superb Komiks Illustrations.

The artworks are proof that our nation has its own rich history of Komiks that was been part of Filipino Culture that we could not simply ignore. You can see artworks here that also made impact on the global scheme. From the mastery of anatomy, prelude to animation, cartooning, brushstrokes, inks, pencils, and many others—all of this can be seen on this diversified Komiks Art Exhibit.

The Exhibit is but just a preview, the Komiks Congress is something we should also wait for, because it will include more artists and artworks . Things will never be the same if we could make the Komiks Congress a successful event.

“Before us, there were them”…. watch the artworks personally and you will drop your jaw down your feet.

Below are some images taken during the installation of the artworks before the actual formal opening of the art exhibit...please bear with the low resolution images, sorry for the inconvenience- technical error has occurred in the digicam during the shots...


Randy P. Valiente said...

aba! set up pa lang pero may mga bisita na hahahah. hindi kaya wala nang pumunta sa opening?


Hunga e..ang lulupit ng mga gawa doon..lalo rin yong sau (nakikita ko na talaga ang distinction ng style mo par) ..ang tindi! Sana marami pumunta!