Monday, February 05, 2007


Emotional Meeting prospered about the Komiks Congress led by
Commissioner Joe Lad Santos last February 3, 2007 held in Maxs
Restaurant at QUEZON CIRCLE, Diliman , Q.C around 3:30 pm.

This is the third formal meeting about the upcoming Komiks Congress
and a lot of developments happened already.Some Concrete activities,and
projects were being lined up.

The developments made the Commission to decide the Komiks Congress to postpone February 15- 16 and move it to last week of February in order to gave way for a more organized preparation,give ample time to the participants on the exhibits and contests and to campaign more for public awareness.

Compared to the past meetings, there were more than 30 key personalities that came from the various institutions including the former pioneers of the Komiks Industry. Attendees were: Ofelia Concepcion, Josie Aventurado,Mike & Liza Tan, Nicky Astronomo, Glady Gimena, Beth Lucion Rivera, Karl Comendador,Joemari Moncal, Al Cabral, Ding Abubot, Nar Castro, Joe Hilario,Jun Malonzo, Orly Aquino,Andy Beltran, Rod Santiago, John Becaro, Mario Macalindog, Randy Valiente,Gener Pedrina,Orvy Jundis,Dr. Berosil of NCCA,(Mr. Efren Montano of Malacanang Press and Peoples Journal) and other key names.

The Carlo J. Caparas Komiks Creation Contest were also finalized. Participants may submit a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 pages whether in writing or with a complete drawing/illustrations already.."Filipino Language" was being stress as the language to be use in the entries.Further official details will be announce later

The Art Exhibit was also been discussed. It will be open to all Filipino Komiks Artists in the country. This is an open theme with the emphasis on the sense of "Filipino Touch" on it. There is much to be debated to this "theme" but it is obvious to all of us what is a "Filipino Touch or Style".For details You can contact Nar Castro:0928-390-3316. The deadline of Submissions will be on February 9, 2007. You can also send your exhibit entries in this address (if you think you are very far from Metro Manila)

Leonardo "Nar" Castro
#14 Int. L.R.Yangco St.
Navotas East, Navotas

The anticipated projects and the long term action after the Komiks Congress were also announced and this are the following: The opening of the two offices for Komiks in Valenzuela and Quezon City, upcoming Komiks contests with big prizes, publishing the entries of the Komiks Contest during the Komiks Congress and a whole lot more.

The Komiks Congress was also been PARTIALLY change to "KOMIKS KONGRES" since it will particularly aim to promote our own Filipino Language in our Country. The term "Komiks" will be also destined to be define clearly during the KOMIKS KONGRESS since it already garnered the desciption that entails "an Illustrated Theater".official annnouncements will still be made available in the next days.

After some discussions on the agenda, Commissioner Joe Lad Santos started an informal open forum for all of us to express our views and opinions. It was a total sentimental and emotional open forum. All of the attendees expressed deep and strong love on our Filipino Komiks.And they were overjoyed by the news that there were a move to bring back the Komiks Industry.

Independent (indie) Komiks were mentioned by Ofelia Conception and was been backed up by Randy Valiente, John Becaro, Gener Pedrina, Mario Macalindog and Mike Tan's son.Everyone was been informed that "Indie Comics" has existed when the "Mainstream Komiks Industry" was stagnant and asleep. Modern Komiks Illustrators, writer, publishers was also been tressed.But with muchsurprise, everyone was outspoken when Orvy Jundis presented a much more clearer issues regarding the Komiks Artists/ Creators in the Global Scene and how he is very much happy on the present movement. Orvy stressed a statement that inspired most of us in the meeting : " With all the energy here among us, we can create a much more powerful thing to bring back the local komiks industry and its future". Mike Tan has also stressed out that: "Komiks has not died--it was just sick and was being abandoned.Let us all help it heal and look for its proper medication. "Kailangan rin isipin na sa pagbangon nito, ay meron nag bagong panahon na kailangan na rin nyang sabayan para hindi tuluyang mawala." Rod Santiago ( was also there to expressed gratefulness and support. There are lot of inspiring and excellent sentiments including: "Sana ang Komiks ay di na lang natin mababasa sa mga Museum at sa mga libro ng kasaysayan,Kundi sana patuloy natin itong makita at mabasa sa ating msimong mga palad maging sa mga susunod na henerasyon".

The Core Group of the Komiks Congress will eventually discussed the finalization and the mobilization of the event this coming Wednesday, February 7, 2007.


Komiks Congress is another high effort to test the challenge of time to the Philippine Komiks
Industry, bringing high hope to its "total revival".

Tulungan po natin.And manatili po tayong nakaantabay sa mga susnod na official na announcements.

Below are the photo coverage of the meeting attended by various key personalities
in Philippine Komiks Industry :

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