Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 1, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Greetings of Peace!

I will schedule myself in attending various meetings for the
Upcoming Komiks Congress especially this Saturday, February
3, 2007.

Almost all of us know that I was always talking about Indie
Comics and its Creators and how I appreciate it.

I strongly believe that indie comics was been a forefront
In bringing back the attention of the people in Comics
during the times when the Philippine Komiks Industry
was still asleep. The indie comics is growing and growing
based from the past Komikons and other related events.
Now, An upcoming Komiks Congress was being collectively
facilitated by various people in the field of making comics.
Its primary objective is to promote an awareness in the past
Glory of the Philippine Komiks Industry and to create new
actions to refresh it and be able to campaign for public
acceptance once again.

I guess this is the time for us to be heard and to be able
Give our support for the love of Philippine Komiks Industry.

It is in connection herewith that I am asking everyone
of us
here who makes or was involved in indie comics.
Please let Us know your:
  1. Names,
  2. the titles of your Indie Comics
  3. and the name of your Indie publishing (optional).
  4. if you can send the URL, much better (applicable for web comics)
  5. Or your group name.

Any Indie Comics, ranging from different styles including Manga,
Cartooning, western, Filipino, or anything under the sun. BASTA

And This is in order for me to have an actual bases and data to
prove that Pilipino Indie comics is really existing during the meeting
and the Komiks Congress…And to know your Sentiments, suggestions,
opinions, views on HOW we will able to make Philippine Komiks a
DEMAND in the public once again. SAMA SAMA TAYO LAHAT
sa pagsulong ng pinakamamahal nating medium---ang Komiks.

Hihintayin ko po ang mga email responses ninyo hanggang
Saturday ng Tanghali (February 3, 2007).
Kasi meron rin po akong ihahandang mga “proposal”
para sa mga nag I- indie comics.

Thanks for giving your time on this one.

John Becaro

For more information about the Upcoming Komiks Congress, you can visit this links:
http://usapang- komiks.blogspot. com/
you need to log in here first or register, but this is the most updated unofficial webpage of the Komiks Congress


Reg said...

Hi John,

Check out my site for comics made by Pinoys. There is a mix of published and unpublished material there.

Jon said...

Just read your blog entry.
Name: Jonathan Salazar
Designation: writer/editor
Group: Subway Productions
Title of Comics: Break Out Comics
No. of Issues Released: #1-#3, Specials #1-#2
Associates: Ryan Francisco, Adonis de Leon, Jessica Ignacio (Artists)
Contact No.: 09186497140